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A new start


A new decade. A conscious effort from me to help this time of my life become better. I have noticed a need to write for a long time. So I thought I would reinvent this blog as a tool for this. Thoughts, ideas, dreams and just a need to ‘write it off’ is the main aim. Mainly for myself. A kind off log I guess. The past decade hasn’t been great for me, for many reasons. But I have a hope and wish for the twenties to be better. A decade where all the blood sweat and tears of the years gone by, have laid a foundation for something better. More about that later. Anyhow… happy new year….. happy new decade!

Dreaming of veggies

I miss the garden! Only a couple of months left until i can start sewing seeds 😉

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Heres what we’ve been up to lately

Easter Tibble easter egg hunt

chickens Leksands Gasthem lamm

Limsjon runt LeksandsGasthemvy

snow Our place

And lots of work in the garden!

Köksträdgården The Kitchen Garden

A large portion of this weekend was spent digging in the garden. With all this early Spring weather, we’ve been able to get a head start. We are enlarging the kitchen garden; a new large circle has been dug which I plan to segment like a big cake, and we dug up some old stone paving slabs that have been hiding under the grass. Not sure what we’ll do with these yet. It almost feels like cheating starting this early. Though it is still too cold to plant outside yet of course.

Here are some pictures.

Köksträdgård Leksands Gästhem Köksträdgård Leksansd Gästhemwith g3 preset Köksträdgård Leksansd Gästhem Köksträdgård Leksands Gästhem

It all looks a little brown and dreary just now, but it won’t be long until the bees are buzzing around the flowers and veggies. The easiest way to start a little veggie patch is by using pallet collars if you don’t want to dig. Just place them on the grass, cover the bottom with newspaper, then fill with good soil. If you want some inspiration just google ‘gardening with pallet collars’.

Thumbs up for the sun!



Nordiska Trädgårdar

Garden Inspiration Nordiska Trädgårdar

This weekend we were at Scandinavias largest garden show – Nordiska Trädgårdar.

It was just what I needed after a grey, wet winter. Spring is in the air, the soil is getting warmer every day, and today at least, the sky is blue.

Pictures speak louder than words, so here are some snaps I took. Hopefully they can inspire you, even if it is just a little.

Garden Inspiration Nordiska Trädgårdar  Garden Inspiration Nordiska Trädgårdar

Garden Inspiration Nordiska Trädgårdar  Garden Inspiration Nordiska Trädgårdar

Garden Inspiration Nordiska Trädgårdar  Garden Inspiration Nordiska Trädgårdar

Garden Inspiration Nordiska Trädgårdar  Garden Inspiration Nordiska Trädgårdar

Leksands Gästhem – ekologiskt inspirerat boende i Dalarna.

Places to visit – Styggforsen


I thought I’d start adding some posts with recommended places to visit. Our little family visits this place at least a couple of times a year, and seeing as we like it so much, I thought maybe our guests would too.

‘Styggforsen’ translates loosely to ‘naughty rapids’ and is an enchanting little family outing. It is a dramatic waterfall and ravine located in a woodland area in the village of Boda outside of Rättvik. It is one of  the results of the famous meteor blast in the Siljan region millions of years ago. Read more about it here (in Swedish). In the summer time there is a little cafe which serves refreshments, but we always take some kind of picnic as we usually visit early spring or late autumn.

We were here yesterday on a gloriously sunny winters day, though it was much like Spring, and we sat on the top of ‘the goats back’ and ate our home made soup. It was one of those lovely outings that you hope to remember for a long time. Our son loves this place – and his outburst of ‘Mummy this is the life’, made my heart swell. It really is lovely and magical here with small pathways through the forest and a series of steep stairways leading to the top of the waterfall.

Here are some pictures from our outing.

Styggforsen Family Picnic Styggforsen

Styggforsen Styggforsen

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Leksands Gästhem – ekologiskt inspirerat boende i Dalarna.



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A whole year!

Oh my goodness, a year since the last blog post. Me bad. I’m going to start afresh with the whole social network tools thing. You can follow our blogg, facebook or instragram.

Here’s some pictures from our summer.


  pastyear6  pastyear7   pastyear2  pastyear3  pastyear8  pastyear2  pastyear10  pastyear9  pastyear3

November Blues

I usually get a smidge of the November Blues every year. The cold, dark, damp days ahead usually send me into slight despair. But this year they are not so bad. Maybe it’s because we recently had a much needed break back in England. Catching up with friends, family and mooching around London was a welcome break. But now it’s back to business.

Anyway, I thought you might like to see some pictures from our holiday back ‘home’. I say home, but if I’m honest, Sweden feels much more like home these days. Whilst I loved being back, I felt a slight panic whilst thinking back to my days working in London. And seeing how different my life is now to the life I once had, I felt a huge relief that I have escaped from that world. A part of me will always long for England, but my heart and soul are here now, living a life that I can be proud of.

Fun on tower bridge

A black egg?

Museum Fun

Making art at the Tate Modern

London by night

Cutty Sark

Possibly the most depressing beach in Kent?

Wedding guests

Kitchen Garden

This Spring I was lucky enough to have Catharina from Yra:Form here taking some pictures as part of a project we are both involved with. After spending some time clearing out my kitchen garden for the winter this weekend, my thoughts wondered back to Spring and all the veggies and herbs that were growing here. Luckily I have great pictures that Catharina took, so I thought I would share them here. I’m already planning for next year!