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Leksands Gästhem – Ekologiskt Inspirerat boende i Leksand, Dalarna. Boende i en levande jordbruksbygd, med närhet till skog, vildmark och golf. Boka Idag! 0247-13700

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A new start

A new decade. A conscious effort from me to help this time of my life become better. I have noticed a need to write for a long time. So I thought I would reinvent this blog as a tool for this. Thoughts, ideas, dreams and just a need to ‘write it off’ is the main […]


Heres what we’ve been up to lately And lots of work in the garden!

November Blues

I usually get a smidge of the November Blues every year. The cold, dark, damp days ahead usually send me into slight despair. But this year they are not so bad. Maybe it’s because we recently had a much needed break back in England. Catching up with friends, family and mooching around London was a […]

Spring Time!

We just love it now that spring has come!

Skidskytte aka Biathlon

This is a very popular sport here in Sweden. For the past two years Mattias has been organising his own event for friends. This year was the third and best yet. It was held in a field next to the Guest House. Here’s some pictures from last weekend. Fun was had by all. When winter […]

Happy New Year

Hmmmm. A little late aren’t I? Well not so late – it is still January, and the Chinese only celebrated their new year this week, year of the Black Water Dragon if I’m not mistaken, sounds exciting any way. 2012 sounds exciting too. I hope it will be a good year for all. I am […]

Leksands Hockeyskola

Blir det  Leksands hockeyskola i sommar? Vi kan erbjuda bra boende till hela familjen till ett overkomligt pris Familjen får plats i ett lugnt område utanför centrum. Medans barnen jobbar hårt på  Leksands Hockeyskola, kan ni koppla av i vår trädgård, spela golf på Leksands Golfklubb som ligger bara några hundra meter bort, gå på […]

Happy Easter

Leksands Gästhem: Ekologiskt boende

Våran ‘Recipes for Life’ Filosofi

Jag tänkte dela med mig av lite info som vi hade med i helgen på vårt öppet hus. Vi hade några informationsblad som alla kunde läsa, här kommer ett av dem: VÅR ‘RECIPES FOR LIFE’ FILOSOFI ‘Recipes for Life’ är egentligen ett sätt att tänka. Vi tycker att det är viktigt att tänka på hur […]

A great start to ‘Future Week’

Firstly, thank you to all who came to our open house! I really thought that we would be sitting here all by ourselves (you never know who reads the local advertising). But there were nearly 30 people who came. And a thank you to those who came early and helped me fix some last minute […]