Chicky News

by Leksands Gästhem

I thought I’d give a little update on our chickens.

Most of our Brahma’s that we had over the winter have gone back to the in-laws, we have kept two hens and a rooster. The plan was of course to have more, but we lost so many due to various animal attacks (that we now think we have solved, mostly) that there weren’t enough left to keep here.

The day they went back ‘home’ though was not so bad, as our lovely friends in Uppsala came with a delivery of 10 little chickies – this time Orpington’s. They are between 7-9 weeks now and still fluffy and wild. They are currently in the other side of the chicken coop being kept separate from Plupp the rooster and Bessie and Monster the Brahma hens (named by our son).  Monster is currently ferociously sitting and brooding on three eggs, so hopefully we’ll have some little chicks in a couple of weeks. We also have three other eggs in the kitchen in an incubator, so we are looking forwards to our first home grown chicks!