Our first delivery has arrived!

by Leksands Gästhem

It’s very exciting, almost like Christmas! We have just received our first delivery of organic products for our ‘Gårdsbutik’. These products are not part of our local line, but part of our organic line, so that we can offer a wider product range to our customers. I must admit, I have taken home things that I like, as it is so hard to know what people want. But I love all the products, and everything available is something I would buy for myself and my family (and I am very hard to please when it come to taking care of what we put in and on our bodies!).

I especially love the baby products. These include a natural pacifier (for those of you who want an alternative to the mass produced, and chemical loaded pacifiers on the market), organic baby wipes, and my favourite baby food label ‘Ella’s kitchen’, all organic with no nasty additives.

We also have gluten-free products (organic, gluten-free products are hard to find here, I think we are going to be the only ones in this area with this range of products), including pasta, cookies and raw whole food bars, organic chocolate, and so much more to come. I just have to stop myself from eating it all up before the 18th of June!

We also have a range of organic shampoo, conditioner and shower gel products to offer our guests here at Leksands Gästhem (these will of course be available in the shop too), and of course natural fluoride free toothpaste as well.

And what a bonus for me that I will be able to buy all my favourite products in my own shop! I’m a lucky girl.