Recipes For Life

Leksands Gästhem – Ekologiskt Inspirerat boende i Leksand, Dalarna. Boende i en levande jordbruksbygd, med närhet till skog, vildmark och golf. Boka Idag! 0247-13700

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Våran ‘Recipes for Life’ Filosofi

Jag tänkte dela med mig av lite info som vi hade med i helgen på vårt öppet hus. Vi hade några informationsblad som alla kunde läsa, här kommer ett av dem: VÅR ‘RECIPES FOR LIFE’ FILOSOFI ‘Recipes for Life’ är egentligen ett sätt att tänka. Vi tycker att det är viktigt att tänka på hur […]

A great start to ‘Future Week’

Firstly, thank you to all who came to our open house! I really thought that we would be sitting here all by ourselves (you never know who reads the local advertising). But there were nearly 30 people who came. And a thank you to those who came early and helped me fix some last minute […]


‘Future Week’ is soon upon us here in this part of the world. The concept being, what can we do to achieve a more sustainable and eco friendly future? This is just the kind of stuff we love. If you’re local you can read more about it here. As part of this initiative local businesses […]