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Happy New Year

Hmmmm. A little late aren’t I? Well not so late – it is still January, and the Chinese only celebrated their new year this week, year of the Black Water Dragon if I’m not mistaken, sounds exciting any way. 2012 sounds exciting too. I hope it will be a good year for all. I am […]

You got to have plans

Monet’s garden and house This time of year, it seems as though all I am doing is making plans, plans and more plans. Plans for the garden, plans for our on-site shop, plans for the interior, plans for what kind of packages we are going to have, never ending lists. What I really need is […]

Back to Work with Kurbits

Yesterday was my official back to work day. Of course, as everyone knows who has their own business, there was much unofficial work done over the holidays too, but now it’s back to business. Luckily it was made a little more fun as the day was already pre-booked for a course (through ‘Kurbits‘) I am […]

Hello 2011

New Year, new website, new blog. Some little changes to the website need to be made, but I couldn’t resist wishing you all a Happy New Year anyway. So, here we are, a new year again. The time when people make promises to themselves and start afresh. Some people are happy to see the back […]