Hello 2011

by Leksands Gästhem

New Year, new website, new blog. Some little changes to the website need to be made, but I couldn’t resist wishing you all a Happy New Year anyway.

So, here we are, a new year again. The time when people make promises to themselves and start afresh. Some people are happy to see the back of 2010, and some hope that 2011 will be equally as good for them as the past year. Personally, my years seem to get better and better, of course there are the down times too, but since I decided to ‘change my life’ some 7/8 years ago, things have just got better and better. I really do believe in the power of our minds, if we decide to make a change for the good, and if we concentrate on our dreams hard enough, I think we are capable of great things.

The past few years have seen me re-evaluate what is important to me. I’ve gone from traveling to (wonderful, but oh so life draining) London at 7am, only to come home again 12 hours later, eating then sleeping, then repeating the same cycle again and again everyday. Then to living in the life changing and inspirational Paris, followed by coming back to my roots in Sweden, creating a home where I can ‘live off the land’ as much as possible, meeting my soulmate, starting a family (the bestest most perfect one at that), and to top it all off, I now am lucky enough to be able to work with my dreams.

So when it comes to the whole New Years resolution time, I believe that simply focusing on how you want to live your life, or make it better, is really what counts. Making promises and demands on yourself that you may or may not be able to keep, just puts more pressure on yourself. All it comes down to is positive thinking.

2011 for me will be the year of focus and perspective. We are living in great times, where everything is possible.

Happy 2011 to you all.

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