Planet Café

by Leksands Gästhem

Tonight we have our first Planet Café (in association with Studiefrämjandet) at 19 – 20.30.

This will be every last Thursday of the month. We’ll discuss how we can ‘change the world’, through changing small things we do at home, with our family and in our community, we’ll share tips, ideas and some laughs too. The focus will be on actually doing rather than merely talking! 😉 We all think that changing the world sounds so big, and can sometimes feel helpless. But all if we all just changed small things and did the best for our family and our own home environments, then we would in fact be changing the world collectively! It really is that simple.

I’ll write more about Planet Café in the coming few days. But all I wanted to say was YOU ARE ALL WELCOME THIS EVENING! 🙂 There will be tea, coffee and scones for sale too (with lemon curd of course)!