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Heres what we’ve been up to lately And lots of work in the garden!

A whole year!

Oh my goodness, a year since the last blog post. Me bad. I’m going to start afresh with the whole social network tools thing. You can follow our blogg, facebook or instragram. Here’s some pictures from our summer.                    

Wouldn’t these look great on the breakfast table?

My aim with our chickens is to get as many different colours on their eggs as possible. I think it’ll be pretty cool to serve these to our guests in the morning, and sell them in the shop: white, brown, turquoise, mint, beige, olive. I’m much more excited about egg colour than chicken colour! So […]

Nettles & Dandelions are free dont ya know

Even though it’s still to early for home grown veggies, you can still make use of other things in the garden. Tonight I added nettles, dandelion flowers and dandelion leaves to our pasta. Yummy, free and nutritious. Go on, have a go! Little chicken update: all three chicks that were in the incubator have now […]

A quick hello

I’m just popping in to say hi! Once again the blogg is suffering from lack of love! But there is a reason. We are in the midst of moving into one of the apartments at the guesthouse. Which amongst other things, means chaos, and virtually no internet connection! But more organised days are ahead! This […]