Nettles & Dandelions are free dont ya know

by Leksands Gästhem

Even though it’s still to early for home grown veggies, you can still make use of other things in the garden. Tonight I added nettles, dandelion flowers and dandelion leaves to our pasta. Yummy, free and nutritious. Go on, have a go!

Little chicken update: all three chicks that were in the incubator have now hatched. One of them is a little weak though, and seems to be having alot of trouble getting his balance and walking. Maybe this is normal, but the first chick to hatch was so strong and walking and running about almost straight away, so I assumed they would all be like that. The three eggs under ‘Monster’ didn’t make it unfortunately. Looks as though they died around a week ago. Let’s hope Bessie is more successful with her 9 eggs.