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Dreaming of veggies

I miss the garden! Only a couple of months left until i can start sewing seeds 😉                 

Köksträdgården The Kitchen Garden

A large portion of this weekend was spent digging in the garden. With all this early Spring weather, we’ve been able to get a head start. We are enlarging the kitchen garden; a new large circle has been dug which I plan to segment like a big cake, and we dug up some old stone […]

Nordiska Trädgårdar

This weekend we were at Scandinavias largest garden show – Nordiska Trädgårdar. It was just what I needed after a grey, wet winter. Spring is in the air, the soil is getting warmer every day, and today at least, the sky is blue. Pictures speak louder than words, so here are some snaps I took. […]

Kitchen Garden

This Spring I was lucky enough to have Catharina from Yra:Form here taking some pictures as part of a project we are both involved with. After spending some time clearing out my kitchen garden for the winter this weekend, my thoughts wondered back to Spring and all the veggies and herbs that were growing here. […]

Nettles & Dandelions are free dont ya know

Even though it’s still to early for home grown veggies, you can still make use of other things in the garden. Tonight I added nettles, dandelion flowers and dandelion leaves to our pasta. Yummy, free and nutritious. Go on, have a go! Little chicken update: all three chicks that were in the incubator have now […]

Spring Time!

We just love it now that spring has come!

Kitchen Veggie Garden

Right now I’m all about planning my kitchen garden. We have a huge garden here, with pretty much nothing in it! It’s too big of a project to transform it all at once, so I’m going to do it little by little. This year, seeing as we live here now, I’m going to do a […]


The weekend is finally here! And sunny it is too. Fabulous. I think our time will be spent mostly in the garden. So, what have we been up to this week?  Well, one thing that we are excited about is that we have been accepted into the WWOOF scheme. It is a scheme that works […]

You got to have plans

Monet’s garden and house This time of year, it seems as though all I am doing is making plans, plans and more plans. Plans for the garden, plans for our on-site shop, plans for the interior, plans for what kind of packages we are going to have, never ending lists. What I really need is […]