Köksträdgården The Kitchen Garden

by Ella

A large portion of this weekend was spent digging in the garden. With all this early Spring weather, we’ve been able to get a head start. We are enlarging the kitchen garden; a new large circle has been dug which I plan to segment like a big cake, and we dug up some old stone paving slabs that have been hiding under the grass. Not sure what we’ll do with these yet. It almost feels like cheating starting this early. Though it is still too cold to plant outside yet of course.

Here are some pictures.

Köksträdgård Leksands Gästhem Köksträdgård Leksansd Gästhemwith g3 preset Köksträdgård Leksansd Gästhem Köksträdgård Leksands Gästhem

It all looks a little brown and dreary just now, but it won’t be long until the bees are buzzing around the flowers and veggies. The easiest way to start a little veggie patch is by using pallet collars if you don’t want to dig. Just place them on the grass, cover the bottom with newspaper, then fill with good soil. If you want some inspiration just google ‘gardening with pallet collars’.

Thumbs up for the sun!